CC007 How do I use Smart Update?

To use Smart Update:

  1. Ensure your dongle supplied with your 4D Embroidery Software is connected to your computer.
  2. Ensure you are connected to the Internet.
  3. Start 4D Configure (select Start, All Programs, 4D Embroidery System, 4D Configure).
  4. Click the Smart Update button.
  5. Your Internet browser will start and display the first Smart Update page.
  6. Click the green arrow to see the next page containing the Smart Updates you need.
    If you have already downloaded and installed all the Smart Updates you are eligible for, there will be no Smart Updates listed.
  7. Click the disk icons for the desired updates and download them. Make a note of where you save the updates.
  8. After you have finished downloading the updates, they must still be installed on your computer. If you did not save the updates on your Windows Desktop, use Explorer to browse to the location where you saved the updates.
  9. Double-click each new update to install it.