WS011 How do I view the PREMIER+™ 2 online documentation on my Apple iOS or Android device?

Due to large variations of Apple iOS and Android devices (and versions of operating system), we cannot provide Support on viewing the PREMIER+™ 2 online documentation on your mobile devices

To view the PREMIER+™ 2 online documentation on your Apple iOS or Android device:


  1. Open an internet browser on your mobile device.
  2. Go to the PREMIER+ 2 Brochures & Guides page.
  3. In the Guides section of the page, click on the Ref Guides tab
  4. Click on the relevant Reference Guide (and format) that you would like view
  5. It will start a download process in your internet browser



Apple iOS:

When the download is complete in the internet browser, you may get the Open in "iBooks" option. Click on that link to view the ePub file iBooks.


When the ePub file has completed downloading, tap on the downloaded file to open it in Google Play Books (or an alternative reading app).

* PDF files will be easily viewable on most mobile devices without requiring special instructions.

** The HTML documentation cannot be downloaded, but it will act in a similar manner to browsing a website.